Our Services

Personalised Counselling

Planning to study overseas can be a daunting task and the first important step is a selection of the right course for your higher studies. Our team of experienced counsellors will put you at ease by suggesting programs and country options that not only match your current profile but is also important that it should put you on a path to a successful career. Our experienced counsellors will play a major role in helping you choose the right country, course and university suiting your preference.

Country, Course and University Selection

We provide options in 500+ universities across all major countries. Having varied options can be a difficult task for students to evaluate all these options and choose the perfect one. This is where country-specific counsellors play a key role. Guidance on the course, university and country based on your profiling, scores in standardised tests, and financial ability. They will also advise on different internship programs scholarships part-time work opportunity options to help you reduce your study costs.

Application & Admission Assistance

Filling up an application can be a very tedious task and is utmost important that all the details are properly filled to avoid any rejections. Our counsellors will make this task very easy for you. They will assist in application filing and submission of the same to the partner university, based on careful evaluation of the university requirements. Further, they will also give you all the necessary support to build an impactful profile to facilitate your admission in your preferred university. Drafting support and assistance for documents such as Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Resume/Curriculum Vitae as well as Essays if it’s a specific university requirement. These play a vital role in getting your application shortlisted and motivating the university to offer you a confirmed place for the program of your choice at the institution.

Test Preparation

Choose from our classroom or online trainings in IELTS, PTE, GMAT and SAT to qualify for your MBA, Master’s and other courses.

Funding, Visa & Pre-departure Prep

Visa processing is a very crucial process. Any error during this step could result in cancellation/delay in getting your Visa. Our counsellors will take you through a step-by-step guidance over the submission of relevant documents towards your visa processing upon confirmation of admission into a university or college and help you submit it accurately, hassle-free and on time.
Our counsellors will guide you about how and when the funds have to be secured so that there is no delay in the process. Our tie-ups with various financial institutions will help you get an Educational loan at competitive rates.
To prepare our student for the study abroad journey, we conduct a briefing session covering important topics University Documentation, Visa requirements, Travel checklist, Accommodation, Forex requirements, Insurance & Medical healthcare.